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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  December 9, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good afternoon, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm elizabeth wenger. within the last 20 minutes, an amber alert has been issued in solano county for a teenager that's believed to have been
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kidnapped. police say she is possibly being held with three other teenaged girls who may be in danger. at this hour, suisun city police are holding a press conference. police say christina almanza left a voicemail for her family saying she was being held hostage by five men. other victims were identified by first names only as christina, jessica and marta. the 17-year-old was last seen driving a navy blue 1999 minivan. if you have seen this blue oakland mobile minivan, call police. a difficult decision made by the family of an oakland toddler. hiram lawrence already taken off life support in an hour. two tests show he has no brain activity after being shot in the head last week. the shooting in a liquor store parking lot left seven people injured. tonight community leaders will hold a memorial and march to protest the violent crimes that
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are killing kids in oakland. in the midst of a recall effort the approval rating has actually improved for oakland mayor jean quan. our exclusive eyewitness news poll finds 64% of respondents disapprove of the job she is doing. but just last month that number was 71%. big trades in the world of major league baseball and now big changes may be on the way for the oakland as. anne makovec in oakland with what could be the city's new game plan. >> reporter: i'm standing in oakland's sports center. things could be changing for all three oakland teams in the near future. we are just minutes away from an announcement from oakland mayor jean quan. we are expecting her to renew her commitment to try to keep the as here in oakland although that may already be a foregone conclusion that they are heading to san jose. mayor quan has been battling an effort by as owner lew wolff to build a ballpark in downtown san jose. major league baseball would
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have to approve that since the giants have territorial rights in the south bay. fancy spoke to want the as to stay where they are. >> we need that franchise near oakland. >> i don't want to see them go. >> reporter: and the as aren't the only oakland team looking at other option. the warriors are now talking about moving across the bay to san francisco right next to at&t park. team brass had a meeting this week with san francisco's mayor and the giants ceo about the possibility of a 20,000-seat stadium in the china basin neighborhood. fans don't get the appeal. >> how can you call your san francisco the as if you're not in oakland and the giants if you're not in san francisco? stay where you are and improve the areas. >> reporter: the warriors' current venue oracle arena is the oldest in the nba. it's next to the oakland coliseum home of the raiders and the as. the warriors' lease runs out in 2017.
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>> the raiders are even talking about leaving. you know, we are going to be a -- a city with no team. but you know what? if they go, good-bye and good riddance. they're not thinking about us. >> reporter: just to be clear here, you know, it's the warriors talking about moving byat&t park and the as talking about moving to downtown san jose for some time. a spokesman this morning said they are very committed to the move to san jose if major league baseball approves it. we are waiting word from oakland mayor jean quan and we'll have that update tonight at 5:00 and 6:00 on cbs 5. >> anne, just a thought. the mayor has a couple of rough months with the "occupy" situation some of the violence in the streets there. imagine losing the as and warriors while she is the mayor. that would be really tough. >> reporter: i wouldn't be surprised if she was just trying to make this statement just to garner a little bit of support at this point because again, the as really don't want to stay here from my phone conversation i just had. but i won be surprised if she
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was trying to show -- i wouldn't be surprised if she was trying to show the people of oakland that she was fighting for them. >> i'm sure they appreciate that. not her fault. this has been going on for quite a while. thank you, anne makovec in oakland. raider nation no more. the billboard that sparked a lawsuit by the oakland raiders has been taken down. crews left the nation's giant hamburgers ad on the ground next to the oakland coliseum today. it reasons, when hunger hits, raid a nation's. the team's lawsuit says it raids the slogan and suggests a marketing relationship that doesn't exist. an nba player accused of drunk driving in october landed in even bigger trouble today. that's because court officials say golden state warrior player charlie bell showed up for his dui hearing drunk. he was taken to a holding tank after failing a sobriety test. bell was back this court today. the judge sentenced him to 18 months probation. bell will also be ordered to
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undergo drug and alcohol testing. he was fined more than $1,500. former major league baseball player barry bonds could be behind bars for more than a year. that's if prosecutors get their way. they have asked a judge to sentence bonds to 15 months in prison for his obstruction of justice conviction stemming from a steroid investigation in april. the judge's decision expected next friday. members of "occupy oakland" are planning a major disruption at one of the west coast's busiest ports. while dock workers unions have not officially endorsed the monday blockade, some rank-and- file are supporting the movement. anser hassan shows us the mixed emotions behind this upcoming protest. >> by shutting down the port, we shut down their profit. >> reporter: that's the message from the "occupy" movement this morning as they plan for monday's west coast port blockade. >> this action lends support to port truck drivers and longshoremen who have been under attack by the 1%. >> reporter: after successfully shutting down the port of oakland on november 2 the
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"occupy" protestors were planning to shut down three ports on the west coast: l.a., seattle and oakland. they say it's an attempt to highlight the exploitation and poor working conditions at the ports. it's also to show how big business gets away with not paying certain taxes and workers company by using nonunion workers.not everyone is happy. this union worker doesn't get paid. >> i'll be out of a job. take my loot. >> reporter: clarence thomas a 27-year mental of the port's biggest union says -- member of the port's biggest union says people have to be willing to give up a day's pay for the future of the workforce. >> if it weren't for union we wouldn't have the eight-hour work day, children would still be exploited. we wouldn't have healthcare benefits. and the only way we got that was through struggle. and that's just how it goes. >> reporter: in oakland, anser
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hassan, cbs 5. thieves stole ipads in a best buy burglary in san carlos on thursday night. they dragged out the steel pack that held the ipads stuffed them in a vehicle and took o the store lost $100,000 worth of products during the heist. the spca is offering $5,000 for any information about the killings of several ducks and geese at the newhall park in concord. the dead animals were found last saturday morning. and new firefighters are getting ready to report for duty sunday in san jose. graduation ceremonies are this afternoon for the lateral firefighter academy class of 2011-2012. a $15million federal grant made it possible for san jose to hire those new firefighters. welcome sight in these times. video surfacing of an american four years after he was kidnapped in iran. his pleas for help. >> hold the pasta, hold those potatoes and the bread.
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how certain foods could increase a woman's risk of breast cancer. a christmas stocking for your pooch spot and a mouse for mittens. how many people plan on pampering their pets this christmas? hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. cold start to the day looking good outside right now. but enjoy it, these nice clear skies going to be filled with clouds this weekend. maybe some rain. we'll tell you all about it coming up. closed captioning of eyewitness news is brought to you by shreve & co. jewelers, a san francisco original.
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keurig has a wide variety of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. keurig is the way to brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew. so with keurig, every cup tastes like it's brewed just for you. because it is. today of a retired f-b-i agent.. who disappeared in iran four i've been held here for 3.5 years. i am not in very good health. i am running very quickly out of time. >> video surfacing today of a
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retired fbi agent who disappeared in iran four years ago. bob levinson's family received this video last year but didn't release it out of fear it would hinder rescue efforts. he disappeared while working as a private investigator. in the video levinson pleads with the u.s. government to help him. the u.s. says they don't know who is holding him. today investigators revealed they know the identity of both people involved in a deadly shooting on the virginia tech campus. university police officer deriek crouse was killed yesterday while making a routine traffic stop. authorities believe despite attempts to disguise himself, the gunman is in fact the second victim. >> the clothing that he had on, this individual had on at the vehicle and based on eyewitness descriptions, match that of the clothing found in the backpack. >> investigators are withholding the shooter's identity until his family is notified. school officials say he was not a student at virgina tech.
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after months of tension and handwringing over the financial future of europe, leaders there have agreed in principle to a plan to save the eurozone from collapse. a plan is expected to be in place within three months but some analysts say bringing confidence back to the markets could take much longer. >> there's a lot of debt out there, a massive debt. it's going to take years if not a generation to resolve. >> and britain is the only nation to flatly reject the treaty. the leaders of hungary, czech republic and sweden say they need to consult their parliaments before making a decision. and stocks trading higher today on this news from europe taking a live look at the big board. you can see the dow up about 187 points at 12,185. meantime, mortgage rates are hovering near historic lows again. freddie mac says the rate on a 0 year fixed loan dipped to 3.99% from 4% the previous week but the super low rates aren't providing a lift for the struggling housing market. rates have been below 5% for
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all but two weeks in 2011, yet this year could be the worst for home sales in over 14 years. fido and fluffy can expect to find some treats under the tree this year. 8 in 10 pet owners plan to splurge on their four-legged friends. that's according to a survey by pet plan. 28% plan to spend $50 or more on presents for their pets. that's a lot. the gifts range from tasty treats and toys to custom clothing, spa days and even a lovely crystal encrusted collar. >> scoop is getting a spa day? >> he makes out. a swollen canine population is prompting san francisco to tighten the leash? >> city leaders are looking at new rules that would limit where they live, play and how they're cared for. one committee will consider regulating professional dock walkers. more parks are looking at proposals to reduce the number of off leash play areas and there is a new sign warning humans about taking unruly nonservice dogs into
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restaurants and grocery stores. coming up, boosting brain power. how a single molecule in your brain may be the key to a better memory. >> and ready to bake but not ready to eat. the hidden danger of some cookie doughs. we started out with freezing temperatures around the bay area this morning. lots of sunshine into the afternoon. but the weekend big changes coming maybe a little rain. we'll talk about this coming up. matter? you'd do that for me? really? yeah, i'd like that. who are you ing to? uh, it's jake from state farm. sounds like a really good deal. jake from state farm at three in the morning. who is this? it's jake from state farm. what are you wearing, jake from state farm? [ jake ] uh... khakis. she sounds hideous. well she's a guy, so... [ male announcer ] another reason more people stay with state farm. get to a better state. ♪
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get to a better state.
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another chilly start in the bay area. temperatures look be good outside. a lot of clear skies around the bay area and that's the way it will stay all afternoon. just that hazy sunshine, a lot of pollutants trapped in the atmosphere but sure looks good out there. still, we are expecting the cool temperatures to continue all around the bay area today. 50s and low 60s tonight. going to be another cold night outside maybe a couple of patches of fog in some of the valleys but that's about it. but over the weekend, some big changes coming our way. even the possibility of a few showers. still, this afternoon, we are going to enjoy some of that hazy sunshine. temperatures moving up into the 50s and a few 60s. i think tonight skies going to stay mostly clear. maybe a couple of patches of valley fog chilly temperatures down into the 30s and 40s. so a cold start this saturday morning. but as we head throughout the afternoon, not going to be bad around the state. 60 degrees in sacramento, about 62 in fresno traveling in that
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direction. high country looking good. 40s and some 50s up there. and 62 degrees in redding. high pressure holding on for at least another day here, maybe a day and a half. and then it begins to brick down. another "spare the air" day as the pollutants can't mix out. it's going to make for a nice day temperature-wise. 63 in mountain view, about 61 in san mateo. east bay temperatures in the 50s and low 60s. and as we make our way inside the bay in the north bay, expecting temperatures also in the 50s, maybe as high as 63 degrees this afternoon in santa rosa. looking out over the next couple of days, high pressure going to start to weaken somewhat by tomorrow. we'll probably see a few more clouds moving in across our skies. by sun, there's a chance we could see a couple of scattered showers here in the bay area and some much cooler temperatures. maybe a few leftover showers into monday morning. then we start to dry out warm up a few degrees toward tuesday and wednesday. all right. time for today's snow report.
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headed to heavenly looking good. partly cloudy skies. northstar looking good. snow in the high country. partly cloudy dry. boreal look be good, plenty of snow. that's the latest forecast, guys. back to you. that sweet guilty pleasure of cooking can dough snacking may be bad for your health. there is a new warning on raw prepackaged cookie dough. bad raw flour is probably the culprit behind a 2009 e. coli scare. that outbreak sent at least 35 people to the hospital. government researchers say companies should can be using heat-treated flour to kill any pathogens. women who have been treated for breast cancer may want to watch how much starch they eat. scientists at the university of california san diego found breast cancer survivors who ate more foods containing starch were at a greater risk of recurrence of the disease. the study found carbohydrates in general could raise the chance of reoccurrence. boosting your memory may
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soon be as easy as popping a pill. doctors at baylor college of medicine say they are a step closer to developing such a pill. they say the key is a molecule called pkr. when the brain molecule is blocked in mice, they developed super memories. they were able to learn a task in one training session. cbs 5 has teamed up to fight hunger in the bay area and some people are pitching in to help, including this company which checked over 16,000 pounds of food. we are rabbi strauss and others, and from the clammed county food alameda county, suzanne. >> it was two huge trucks which people dropped off as they came into the building. it was exciting to see people walking up and kids carrying food and knowing they were go to have the opportunity to participate. >> that's almost 8 tons. were you blown away by all the
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folks that pitched in? >> actually, we have been doing this for a number of years. this was our high year. but we have been in the teens over the past several years already. so for us, this is a regular event. >> and you have been collecting money as well through some other synagogues and you have raised a lot of money. >> correct. >> somewhere in the neighborhood of $80,000 between about 10 synagogues working to the at this time of the year all which will go to the food bank. >> you just must be thrilled. >> we are thrilled. and this is a great partnership. we're very fortunate to have the jewish community helping us with this drive. >> 8 tons of food. that's unbelievable. >> it will really help out. >> okay. thank you for your generosity. and certainly, to your folks at the temple, as well. great job, you guys. >> and if you would like to help easy to do, go to and click on "watch & listen" and then you can help feed some families, as well. elizabeth? >> so generous. thanks, guys.
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all right. adding a little romance to the holidays? the christmas lights tour with a surprise message for one woman. ♪
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[ female announcer ] during the holidays, there's a lot to get done. and safeway select appetizers help you rise to every occasion. ♪ from delectable to amazing. there are over 20 affordable safeway select appetizers ♪ to make all of your gatherings just as merry as can be. ♪ only at safeway. ingredients for life. we're taking a live look over san francisco right now. an apparent fire looks like there's a lot of garbage down
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there. chopper 5 near 101 and cesar chavez. there's some tracks at caltrain they had to shut down. >> sounds like the fire was under the tracks. at one point there was a lot of smoke possibly visible from the freeway but at this point it looks like firefighters have it under control. >> okay. a bright idea when it comes to marriage at least for a couple in oklahoma city. this is pretty cool. >> yeah. every year this neighborhood comes together. they rig up more than 150,000 lights. but this christmas, larry only needed a few bull tons get his message across. after a drive around the block he stopped at a house, got down on one knee in front of two special words in blinking lights, "marry me." >> i didn't know what was happening. i felt bad blocking people's driveways. i have never been more surprised in my life. >> so in case you were wondering, she did say yes but it would have been more interesting had she said no. [ laughter ] >> would have made for a better story. but it would have been a bit of a bad story. >> yeah. but interesting nonetheless.
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>> like i said earlier this morningings i proposed in a parking lot at epcot center so i wasn't quite romantic. >> too nervous. coming up at 5:00 more on the fire on 101 that's under control. it might have been some garbage or some sort of encampment or something like that. but it's right near some caltrain tracks there. they had to shuttle down service for a little bit -- they had to shut down service for a little bit. there is a live look. have a good friday afternoon. and a great weekend. >> caption colorado, llc
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